Ole Miss Problems

The C Store running out of pizza sticks doesn't give you the right to be a bitch.

Trying to find a seat in J.D. Williams

Looking for a spot


When I finally find one


When I take my adderall and Im actually excited to study

At first


1 hour later


2 hours later


When Im in line at the library on a $20 cover night & I pull out my library card

Showing it to the bouncer, I’m like


Looking at the people behind me, I’m just like


When someone spills beer on me

I’m always like


But a beer shower at Swayze, I’m just like


When I think about all of the margaritas I’m going to drink tomorrow


When my friends at other schools won’t stop bragging about being done with finals

I’m like


When I remember our summer is 29 months long, I’m just like


When someone emails the entire class, asking for notes the week before finals

I’m just like



Every single time I go to Starbucks

Standing in line, I’m like  


And that one barista is always just like:



When I find a desk in the library with a working lamp

I’m just like


When someone walks past me after finding said desk


When my professor reopens all the quizzes on BlackBoard at the end of the semester

I’m just like